LaVon Van Williams, Jr.’s Artistic Heritage

You see wood; I see art. I am a Wood Carver/Painter, master of three chisels, using relief craving to put my vision in wood and on canvas. I prep, cloak, and chisel my art into wood releasing its form, capturing stories and tradition.

LaVon Van Williams, Jr. was born in Lakeland, Florida. His Florida Roots, however, began in Sanford, Florida, his mother’s home town where her father and mother, David and Pearl Wright, lived, and where David, who privately wrote poems to and played the harmonica for Pearl Thompson, his wife-to-be, worked for many years as a Fireman on the Atlantic Coastline Railroad.

From early childhood, LaVon inherited the glory of his gift: LaVon’s mother and her oldest brother, David, Jr., loved to draw and excelled as sketch artists.

In addition, Luke Wright, LaVon’s grandfather’s brother, worked as a ranch hand/cowboy on ranches in the Sanford area and across the southwest United States. Luke’s gift, however, was the art of carving, and he was a prolific in his craft.

Execution of this craft/gift/talent was religiously observed by LaVon and his brother, Dave, who also expressed exceptional artistic talent.

Out of this heritage, ultimately, LaVon’s work reflects the essence of these early influences, and serves as a lasting tribute to those pioneer relatives who came before him and whose celestial guidance continue to sustain him— and his spiritual, artistic endeavors.

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I am a Wood Carver/Painter, master of three chisels. I chisel my work into the security of the wood. As I see life and history, my chisel etches along the grain, releasing images joyous and, at times, painful.

My hands control my pencil, chisel, and, mallet and at times, the paint brush, too can bring to relief and to canvas the images I see in wood.

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